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Loving…the sun

Today is a beautiful, sunny day.  It may only be 30+ degrees outside but the sun makes me feel great.  And it will even be better on Tuesday and Wednesday as it is expected that Chicago will have both sunshine and 60-65 degree weather.  This is almost unheard of in the windy city but I’ll take it any day.  There’s something about the sun that just makes you feel good but when I think about the sun I can’t help but also reflect on the Son, God’s only Son, Jesus our Savior who makes life even better than the sun.  It’s so interesting that both words sound the same but one makes us feel good for awhile while the other can change your life forever.  Ancient cultures and civilizations knew how important the sun is and some even worshipped the sun but how much better to worship the Son, the only being capable of making us whole and giving us life eternal.  I’m thankful today for the sun, but even more so for the Son.



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